Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Super Bowl Story/ Day #1

I got a buddy..... Thats how all my stories start of late, heres what I mean. So I got back from Dallas on a Monday night around 7:30 PM (6 days before Super Bowl). I got a call from Bob (the Buddy) about 7:45. He said, "Wanna go to the Super Bowl?" I laughed. Bob said, "If you have $1,800 dollars for round trip airfare I got 2 tickets to the game". I laughed again. He then explained how CBS who Bob works for had sent them 2 extra tickets that day. With Airfare being $1,800 round trip into New Orleans and hotel rooms around $2,500 a night there was no way anyone could put a last minute trip together. Ohhhh, but WE are not Anyone! Bob's boss told him if we could find away to Nola we could crash with him and could use the tickets so they didn't go to waste. Hotel....Check. Tickets...Check. We just had to get there. Then I told Bob to let me make a few calls. I called my Father in law who works for Delta. He couldn't get us into Nola, but He could get us buddy passes into Dallas. But from there we would have to get a car. Ahhhh you say, I was just in Dallas. Yes, I have an Aunt and Uncle there. I called my Aunt and begged to use her car for the weekend. So obliged. Flight.. Check  Car...Check  SUPER BOWL here we come..Check!!!!

Oh, I forgot about getting our wifes approval.  Who am I kidding, Me and Bob have the best wifes ever...Check Check Check. They realized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and were more than willing to allow this to happen. 

I, as well as Bob have never been to a Super Bowl. We were just a bit Excited. It didn't feel real though. Way to good to be true. But operation Get to Nola was on. 

 We flew out Thursday afternoon around 2:30. We were nervous about the buddy passes. They are never a sure thing. I kept waiting for something to go wrong,  But once we made our flight, I wish I had a picture of our faces. It was game on.
 We made it to Dallas around 5:30 and my Uncle Dave picked us up. We drove him home, grabbed the car and we were off. Of course he had us a cooler full of drinks and munchies for the drive. Dallas to Nola is an 8 hour drive. So we got going fast. No time to visit. We did stop at the state line from Texas to Louisiana for Bob to take care of some business.
 Around 10:30 we were a bit hungry. Driving through LA is a bit different than Utah. We have well lit off ramps and truck stops at every exit. LA doesn't believe in street lights or truck stops just off the freeway. It is impossible to tell where you need to get off. Enter google maps. Just as we were feeling desperate, we typed in places to eat and low and behold Popeye's chicken was close. Our favorite place. We got there just as they were closing. But the gals unlocked the doors and let us in. AND Yes, they buttered our biscuits. And did it well. We made some new friends, and gained some new Instagram followers.
 Another still shot of us on the map while on our journey.

 We were all full of energy on the way down. We really weren't in a rush. So we decided to do some site seeing at 3:30 AM. As we rolled through Baton Rouge we decide it was as good a time as any to go tour the LSU campus. We even decided to ride the Tiger at the Stadium. Awesome Stadium, not so much the town. Its no wonder they all live for their SEC football. Cause I didn't see much else to get jazzed about.
 Beautiful thing about all the gas stations in LA once you actually can find one is they all have Casinos attached to them. Makes sense... Right?
Then about 4:30 AM we rolled into Nola! The Super Dome in our sights. I held the car as still as I could for this picture but Bob still managed to make it blurry. But we were here and it Still felt a bit to good to be true. But we managed to make a 8 hour drive in about 11 hours. Good times. We found our hotel, checked in and met a wonderful front desk women named Lynn who greeted us with some delicious cookies. Then it was lights out. Operation Get to Nola was a success. Day #1 was in the books.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another trip to Dallas.

 The morning I flew out for Dallas I had a chance to have a little one on one time with Addi. The boys were at school and she has PM Kindergarten. So we jumped in my truck, which Addi loves riding in and headed to Chick Fil A. We went and got some breakfast and sat in my truck and ate it. Seems simple, but it was a fun time.

 Then it was off to Dallas. My Aunt Linda decided see wanted some more work done down at her place. We put new flooring and trim in a bedroom. Then also got on the outside of the house and fixed some siding.

 While we were also able to play a little bit while there. Linda hooked us up with Maverick tickets.
 And while in Dallas a must is a stop in at the Railhead BBQ. This is my Uncle Dave. About to put a hurtin on the food.
Best BBQ I have ever had. Good good stuff.

It has been fun and a real blessing to get to go down and visit with my Aunt and Uncle. They are the most accommodating people ever. When you stay at their place you are well taken care of. And there is never a down moment. Dave has a schedule all lined out and he'll be damed if your going to try and alter that plan.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A few visits from friends.

Every year in the football playoffs there are 2 guarantees in my live. Im going to have to watch Tom Brady and the miserable Patriots play and the other is I have to deal with texts from Their loyalist of fans Kelsey Hansen talking smack about how good they are. Well luckily over the last 9 seasons the other guarantee is the Patriots choke and can't win the Super Bowl. 

This year we invited Nick and Kelsey over for dinner and to watch the Ravens vs Patriots AFC Championship game. 

 Our kids hit it off very well. They kept coming down with dances they had come up with. And since the Pats were getting rolled Kelsey was fine with pausing the game to watch the kids dance.
 The thumbs up is for the Ravens inning. We had a fun night and it was great to see our friends who are huge East side honks come out of their comfort zone to visit us way out here in the south end of the valley. Ha Ha Ha...
The other visit we were lucky enough to get was from Mrs Aimee and her crew. Ambur is blessed to have a wonderful friend Aimee who lives in Seattle. So we don't see her very often. Aimee is also a bit of a celebrity and has a huge following here in the SLC. So when she does come to town it is hard to squeeze in time with her. Lucky for us, on her last night here she came by. Aimee has an entourage with being a celebrity and all, so Brianne came along for the visit also. All kidding aside, it was great to have Aimee, Scott, Brianne and kids over. They are good good people who are not your normal run of the mill dumb dumbs. Ambur loves how these girls make her feel. Which I in turn love.

We are blessed with wonderful friends. So thanks to all of you who we call friends.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Random January Stuff

January was a busy month. Here are a few random pictures from stuff we did. 

 Kai, Jake, Jaxson and Caden throwing some Wendys down after a basketball game. One of my favorite things to do is watch these boys play basketball. But what I enjoy even more is watching them start planning the post game events. Win or loose all they want to do is hang out and be buddies. Thats what its all about. The power of sports is in the relationships. It brings people together. Some of mine and Amburs best friends are people we have met through our kids sports. Were grateful for it.
 Heres one of Jake sleeping. I love pictures of this kid sleeping. Not sure what this pose is? But it made me smile.
 Back in January one of Cadens football coaches suddenly, unexpectedly and sadly  passed away. Cory was a good dude. His boy Parker is on their team. The boys all went to the viewing to support him. It was cool to see. Please see previous comments above in regards to my opinion on the relationships sports form. Its powerful.

 Me and Caden also were lucky enough to have tickets to the Jazz vs Heat. Always a big deal when Lebron and the boys come to town.  Unfortunatly Caden got sick about half way through the game.  Jazz won, but not as fun with Caden not 100% to enjoy it with.
 Addi and Gracie and Lola. These girls love to play and dance and run around at their big brothers basketball games.
Me and Ambur got to go out for some Sushi one night. Ashley was a bit fussy during dinner and the nice Asian lady brought out a orange wedge for her. We had never given Ashley one of these, but Asians are wicked smart in the ways of the world, and Ashley loved the cold wedge. Made her happy, and Ambur and I enjoyed our dinner.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


While the girls were at Beiber the boys and I went over to watch Caden's buddy Ryder race his BMX bike. It was cool to see something different. The boys had a blast cheering Ryder and his brother on as the raced. 

Keller catching some air.

Bieber Fever!!!

Ambur and Addi got a chance to do a Mommy/Daughter night out. They had a blast. The went with the Ellisons. They met at there house and the girls got hearts painted on their faces and all ready. 

Bryan has a hook up on the Limo. So they got dropped off right in front of ESA for the concert. Yes, i've heard comments from a bunch of you haters on the limo,blah blah blah you think they are played out, well suck it.... My 5 year old couldn't stop smiling and thought it was the coolest thing ever so I think it was cool.

Ambur and Addi had an absolute blast. It was fun to see them come home all pumped up after having such a great time. It's fun when you get some one on one time with each kid.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

(Long break from blogging, we're back) Christmas morning was a tough on. The kids woke up at 2:30 and went downstairs and were all amped up. We tried to make them go back to bed, but it didn't really work. So at 5:30 we were up opening presents. It was BS!!!

 But there is nothing better than seeing these faces Christmas morning. So despite the early time it was a great morning.
 Jake helping Ashley open her first present ever.
 Then we headed up to Steve and Teresa's for the Meyers Christmas Bash.
 Later in the night Nanny and Ambur's side came over for dinner.
We also swung by and paid my Old Man a visit.

It was a very busy day. But we are blessed to have so many loved ones to visit. It was a good Christmas!